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|| Travelling Companions:
Location: Striaton
|| Badges:
|| Current Condition: Training, and getting the hang of this place.

Trainer Information

Name: Akio Hideyoshi
Age: 36


X-Transceiver (Green)
5 Pokeballs
Pokèmon Party

Spr 5b 037.png

Starter | Met @ Entralink

Vulpix | | Lvl 24 | Flash Fire


Mild | Mischievious


Flame Burst - Normal

Ember - Fire

Roar - Normal

Quick Attack - Normal

Notes: As a fire-type, Sora and Akio are opposites in a way, since Akio himself is aligned with plantlife and does not, in fact, like fire a great deal.  They both have been learning to find ways around this, though.  Sora is named after a friend of Akio's from his childhood.



Met @ Route 1 (Swarm)

Zorua | | Lvl 24 | Illusion


Sassy | A little quick tempered


Fury Swipes- Normal

Faint Attack- Dark

Pursuit - Dark

Scary Face - Normal

Notes: Nogitsune was found while illusioned as a wild Pidgey as Akio and Sora were training for their first badge, and because of that got caught, since they thought that the Zorua was just another training battle.  Arguments followed, in which (at some point) he agreed to travel with them.  He continues to be a tsundere, two faced fox, but when push comes to shove is very loyal to his new friends.

Leafeon  sprite from Black & White


Met @ Route 2 (Swarm)

Leafeon | Lvl 26 | Chlorophyll


Lonely | Very finicky


Razor Leaf - Grass

Quick Attack - Normal

Helping Hand - Normal

Sand Attack - Ground

Notes: This Leafeon found Akio during the swarms, as-you-please, the exact opposite of the way Nogitsune found them.  As the only girl in a band of boisterous boys, she's pretty much the center of attention, and enjoys it, too.  Mostly though, she'll be found a few paces or so away from the others, or watching their antics.
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Out of Character Information
Contact: AIM at Leonawriterisme or PM
Current Characters: MCU/AU Loki and Pokemon crossover Amane
Do you need a Dreamwidth Invite? nope

In-Character Information
Akio Hideyoshi / Gin
Series: Detective Conan (AU)
Canon-Point: After the Bell Tree Express case.
History: Akio grew up with his family in the outskirts of Tokyo's districts, in a well to-do area. His mother the owner of a florists' shop and his father a calligrapher, it is likely he would have chosen a similar career, but it was not meant to be. In his last year of high school, his closest friend, one Sora Takeshi, was killed in the crossfire between two rival criminal syndicates. From then on, he dedicated himself to the task of getting justice - or vengeance, it's hard to tell with foxes - for his friend's death.

Not long after this, the organisation that had ended up winning the turf war began to take notice of him. They approached him after a time and gave him a choice - either join them, or go the same way his friend had. Thinking that this might get him further than staying within the law, he chose to join them, in effect becoming an undercover agent with no affiliation other than his own agenda. Since he made that decision, he has not seen or heard from his family, in order to protect them.

As an Organisation member he quickly rose up through the ranks due to his natural predatory instincts and abilities, not to mention what appeared to them to be unwavering loyalty. However, the organisation's aims when revealed to him caused horror, as he can't see why or how humans could want immotality, and does not like the implications of what they would do if this particular organisation achieved it.

All of this means, of couse, that he is constantly working counter to the BO's plans in very subtle ways. Purposefully missing potentially vital clues when he should be trying to catch the ones who are constantly botching up their missions, such as 'Conan'... who he is aware is also a kitsune, albeit one unaware of his heritage. Likewise, the Kaito Kid is also one, and Vermouth a Nekomata, or cat.

Because of this, he has been aware that Conan is Shinichi for a very long time - possibly even since the Bullet Train case, due to his enhanced sense of smell. He approached the shrunken detective some time shortly after the Red vs Black arc's resolution, an act that caused Conan no small amount of stress! Thankfully for him, Akio had come under his own initiative and as himself, not Gin. This was partly because of Conan's state as a young kitsune. Needless to say, his calling Conan 'Kit' most of the time does not help the boy's confusion!

Very little of actual canon is changed, apart from the end of Quarter of Heaven, when Akio had arrived at the same lodge during the case. Subsequently, when Conan went missing in the snow, he was actually the one to find him - in fox form. As a kitsune whose powers are plant based, however, what happened next is rather predictable. Although his colouring is white, he's an albino of sorts, not an arctic fox... and he caught a cold. He ended up heading back to Tokyo in the same coach as Conan and the others - not something Conan himself was best pleased with, since he still does not like or trust the man - and neither does Haibara.

Personality: As Gin and on duty so to speak, he is cold, efficient, and ruthless. As Akio, when he isn't being watched, he is very different. At these times he is comparatively very easygoing and friendly, making quite the clash of opposites to those aware of the two sides. The side that will be seen the most in the game will be the 'off-duty' side, as he sees no reason to hide with no way for anyone to report back to the boss.

He has a bit of a prankster's nature, enjoying being able to play jokes on others. He also likes cooking as well as his gardening. He does not enjoy being cold or in the presence of uncontrolled fire, and nor does he enjoy having to do the things he has to do that are expected of him by the Black Organisation - yet he does them all the same, regardless, hardening his heart to the moment for sake of the long game.

In canon, Gin has been been shown to intuitively not trust the easy path, if it seems like it might be flawed in some way. It is for this reason that he has not yet taken out the boss, even though he has contact; it would be easy, but there would still be agents in place who would continue to carry out their assignments, potentially to desastrous results.

His feelings for Haibara Ai/Miyano Shiho are also honest, although he has generally hidden this in order that it would not be used against either of them. He recently made contact with her as himself for the first time in the aftermath of saving Conan from the avalanche in Quarter of Silence, but she only took it well in that she has not so far taken action on this; she trusts neither his motivations nor his honesty. He accepts this, understanding her point of view, but is also saddened at the same time, and is willing to wait.

Overall, he can be very patient, waiting years for any chosen goal. Although in his mid-thirties, he could be considered young by the standards of kitsune, who can live for hundreds of years.

Powers: He's a kitsune! So normally he's be ably to switch between human and fox at will - here, only the ears and tail remain. He is demoted to furry. The ears give him slightly advanced hearing and he has a naturally better sense of smell as well, but nothing too strange.

As Gin he has a high intellect, and is also highly profficient with guns, notably the handgun and the sniper's rifle. As an Organisation member his fighting style is clean and efficient, however it's likely that as 'Akio', it tends toward something a little wilder, hinting toward his kitsune heritage.

Starter Pokemon: Vulpix

Writing Samples
First-Person Sample:

[The video comes on and it shows a white-haired man dressed all in black, faced by a Vulpix. He's sat cross-legged on the ground, obviously confused at the entire situation. After a few moments, he takes off his hat with a sigh.]

I don't suppose you can say anything I could understand, can you?

[The Vulpix whines a little and shakes its head.]

No... I thought not. Ha. At least one of us can understand the other.

[The Vulpix nods and seems to smile, padding up to its new trainer, an act that surprises him at first but he quickly relaxes into. Then-

He notices something. A little light.]


[Oh, that was just great... Everyone was going to think he was mental, now. With a scowl he turned the thing off.]

Third-Person Sample:

Akio had only just got here, and he already liked it. He was outdoors, and far away from the organisation and anyone who he needed to keep in the dark. On the other hand, his lack of presence could have unknown consequences... but that was neither here nor there, and would have to be dealt with when he could do anything about it.

The fox - Vulpix - that had been following him since his arrival here looked up at him as he stuffed the hat and the coat into the bag he'd been given. It was typical that he'd been brought here during a mission, but at least he'd be able to use them if the weather got cold.

"Now, what should I call you, then? I can't call you little kit; someone back home already claims that from me," even if the Kit himself didn't appreciate the sentiment.

"Pix? Vulpix..."

He leaned down and ruffled the kit's head-fur with a smile. Belatedly, he realised that there was a familiar weight behind him, and the kit started to laugh.

"Rascal," he said, but his smile didn't falter. The last person to just laugh at his ears or tail - the latter in this case - had been... so very long ago.


The kit looked up, and he'd decided.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Plants.  And teas!

...What?  I only need one gun for work, really.  Eh.  For anything else, I've got claws.

Because who needs guns when you're part animal, duh.  Although at least I've never tried mauling someone...  Euchk.
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  • Plant life, anything.  He's childish, a geek and a right dork when it comes to greenery of any kind.
  • Classical music.  He prefers it over the other genres.  Depends on his mood for which kind/composer, though.
  • Being active.  Particularly, being able to let loose and just move how his body wants him to be able to.
  • Taking on his Fox form.  It's fun, and he doesn't have anyone expecting things of him while he's like that.
  • Not having to kill people.   
  • Inari sushi, Kitsune udon... and he will eat meat.  Just because he likes plants doesn't make him a vegetarian.
  • Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai.  Yes, really.
  • His family.
  • Watching sunrises.
  • Tea.  Chamidori/Green, Chai, Chamomile... anything really.
  • Playing like he's half his age when no one's looking.
  • Tricking people.
  • The idea of getting rid of the Organisation/Justice for his friend.
  • The Black Organisation
  • Having to kill people who are basically innocents.
  • Feeling as though - and being - watched by the Black Organisation all the time.
  • Feeling restricted in his movements.
  • People finding out about his true nature.
  • Being sick.
  • Having his best friend be dead.
  • Being seen as the bad guy.
  • People not bothering to try understanding him/his point of view before making judgements.
  • People thinking he's a girl because of his long hair.
  • Fire.
  • Fire
  • His family being targeted or used due to his connection to the Organisation
  • The Organisation finding out that he was never loyal
  • Losing himself to the mask he puts up for his 'job'
  • Shiho/Ai never giving him a second chance

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Gin at work appears exactly the same as a canon Gin, in his black trenchcoat and fedora, and likely a dark coloured sweater.  Even to the evil look on his face.  Once he's 'off duty' so to speak, that's all thrown out of the window - he's more likely to be seen with his hair down, dressed in light pastel colours such as light greens or blues or earthy colours such as brown or beige.  His hair is early always let to fall straight down, unless he's at work in a garden, in which case it will be tied up into a ponytail.  If either caught off guard - relaxed, surprised, scared, tense - or if he's familiar and at ease in your company, then you might find him with his fox ears, and maybe tail also, showing.  They are both white with black tips, as shown in the icons.  His general demeanour off duty is laid back and easy-going.  His eyes also don't show quite so obviously the 'killer's gaze', since he is by nature a predator, and he prefers to keep work and home life separate.


His work takes him anywhere from Beika to anywhere in Japan, and it's even been known to have taken him outside of Japan, as well.

His home when not detained or kept at the Organisation's facilities, is an apartment he pays rent for.  It resides in Setagaya-ku, one of Tokyo's special wards.  It is rather close to - just around the block from - one of the local parks, although he does live in one of the higher floors.

The apartment itself is spacious, yet filled with greenery.  It has a balcony that looks down onto the nearby park.

Enhanced Senses:

As a kitsune, he has naturally enhanced hearing and smell, as well as vision to a lesser extent.  His strength is greater than the average human of his size and weight.  If he stretches it, he has a certain grace to his movements, but he tries not to let this show, as it could possibly lead to unwanted questions.

Kitsune Magic

The one 'power' that he has always had is the ability to shapeshift into the form of an albino fox.  In almost every way, this form looks like a normal wild fox - apart from the eyes, which are the same shade of green as Gin/Akio's own.  So far, at merely 35, he only has one tail both in this form and in his half-human 'Youkai' form, which is one that doesn't look much different from when he merely has his ears and tail out.  The scar he gained from Akai shooting at him still remains in this form, but unless one knows what to look for, it's barely visible under the fur.

His real strength is in plant magic.  He can cause plants - flowers, trees, anything green - to grow and  shape itself the way that he desires.  He can also tell exactly what is in anything that uses herbs or plants, be it lotions, potions, perfumes and other such things.  This is very useful when creating and detecting poisons, as well as figuring out where a thing may have come from.  He can also 'communicate' with the plant life to a certain extent.  He can't hold lengthy conversations, but really, what would plants normally talk about?

He can also cause wood that had been turned into things like furniture and statues to grow again, however this costs him more energy.   The same goes for natural fibres, such as cotton.

Kitsune fire (kitsune-bi) translates, in his case, to a sort of light ball that looks like it's made up of the sun's light.  He doesn't use it much, if at all.

Illusions are still a major part of his repertoire of tricks.  He can cause the world around him to appear different, cause himself to appear different, but generally these are mere optical illusions that must have physical help if they would have physical proofs.  For instance, in his world, the 'death' of Akai was an illusion... but at least a part of the explosion was real, or else Shuuichi would not have appeared hurt at all from the incident.  

Other, older kitsune are capable of stronger magic and likely a wider set of abilities, but since he neither works on it as a main occupation (apart from his plant affinity), nor is old enough to have gained any further tails, he hasn't yet reached the point of being able to use more advanced illusions and/or magics.

Other types of Japanese spirit magic can be used, but he generally doesn't bother with them unless he needs to.  If there is a problem with spirits, then he will go to a shrine and have those more qualified deal with the problem.  If it's something more simple, he is likely to do it himself, such as if he was inclined to make an omamori.

He prays to Inari, patron deity of kitsune and foxes.
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Hideyoshi Akio grew up as a normal boy... all right, a normal kitsune youth, in school, with friends, taught by his parents to know wrong from right.  He had one friend of particular note, a boy of his age, human, who he had grown up with, that knew what he was.  They were as close as brothers.

Then, while they were still teenagers, tragedy struck when his friend was cut down as collateral damage in what looked to any average onlooker to be a gang war.  Akio, however, immediately noticed something off, and started investigating into the death of his close friend straight away.  He found out that it hadn't been due to a gang war at all, but rather, a dark organisation that kept to the shadows...

It wasn't long before this same organisation noticed him in return, and aimed for his life, since he already knew so much.  Instead of going on the run, he decided to alienate himself entirely from his old life by turning himself in, and offering himself up as an agent to the Organisation, professing to be both smart and capable.  

The Organisation allowed him in.

From that day onward, his life became a routine of research into dark and forbidden subjects, and assassinations that added the stench of death to his previously healthy, green scent.  But he would never forget just why it was that he had joined with them in the first place - first and foremost would always come his old friend, who hadn't even done anything to warrant their attention, and his need to see justice done for him.

In regards to Kudo Shinichi/Edogawa Conan, Gin - or Akio - is actually privately relieved that the toxin didn't kill him, as it means one less death that had to happen at his hands.  He does, however, feel that Conan often gets in the way of how he is used to doing things, as he has to improvise nearly every time the brat appears, and cover for him - even if it does mean that less people end up dying.

As for Shiho/Haibara, he's pretty torn.  On the one hand, she's still quite clearly petrified of him due to how he felt he needed to act toward her while they were in the Organisation together, as anything else would have put across a questionable image to their superiors.  On the other hand... he does actually care for and like her a great deal.  However, this includes - extremely reluctantly, and a cause of many depressive behaviours - letting go of her, for her own sake and happiness.


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