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Hideyoshi Akio grew up as a normal boy... all right, a normal kitsune youth, in school, with friends, taught by his parents to know wrong from right.  He had one friend of particular note, a boy of his age, human, who he had grown up with, that knew what he was.  They were as close as brothers.

Then, while they were still teenagers, tragedy struck when his friend was cut down as collateral damage in what looked to any average onlooker to be a gang war.  Akio, however, immediately noticed something off, and started investigating into the death of his close friend straight away.  He found out that it hadn't been due to a gang war at all, but rather, a dark organisation that kept to the shadows...

It wasn't long before this same organisation noticed him in return, and aimed for his life, since he already knew so much.  Instead of going on the run, he decided to alienate himself entirely from his old life by turning himself in, and offering himself up as an agent to the Organisation, professing to be both smart and capable.  

The Organisation allowed him in.

From that day onward, his life became a routine of research into dark and forbidden subjects, and assassinations that added the stench of death to his previously healthy, green scent.  But he would never forget just why it was that he had joined with them in the first place - first and foremost would always come his old friend, who hadn't even done anything to warrant their attention, and his need to see justice done for him.

In regards to Kudo Shinichi/Edogawa Conan, Gin - or Akio - is actually privately relieved that the toxin didn't kill him, as it means one less death that had to happen at his hands.  He does, however, feel that Conan often gets in the way of how he is used to doing things, as he has to improvise nearly every time the brat appears, and cover for him - even if it does mean that less people end up dying.

As for Shiho/Haibara, he's pretty torn.  On the one hand, she's still quite clearly petrified of him due to how he felt he needed to act toward her while they were in the Organisation together, as anything else would have put across a questionable image to their superiors.  On the other hand... he does actually care for and like her a great deal.  However, this includes - extremely reluctantly, and a cause of many depressive behaviours - letting go of her, for her own sake and happiness.
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