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In the end, we are all only children trying to fit the world to our own ideals.

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Name:Akio Hideyoshi (Gin)
Birthdate:May 15
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
This Gin is very, very different from almost all other Gins.

He isn't a loyal member of the Organisation. He IS a member, just not a loyal one. He isn't, however, a traitor.

After all, you can't be a traitor if you were never loyal in the first place.

He is also, most importantly, not human.

This Gin, happens to be a Fox. A Kitsune. Fooling those he's around all the time comes naturally, when being a trickster is in the blood.

The most notable things someone might notice at first glance - if he isn't keeping up appearances for his 'colleagues' - is that he is much more laid back than most, and very likely to just let things slide. He likes tea, and nature, being a 'Green' Fox. Black is not his favourite colour, and if in private he'll prefer to wear light greens or natural tones. If caught off-guard or surprised, you may see black-tipped fox ears and a tail.

He still uses his birth name.

{Akio, compared to other kitsune, is still very, very YOUNG. This is evident in his apparently childish behaviour when in his fox form, as well as how he often seems to act younger than his age when in his 'off-duty' persona. He also has less control over his form than he would wish - his natural/most comfortable form being a mix of fox and human, with fox ears, tail, and clawed hands and feet - his ears and tail often making appearances whenever he's startled or extremely relaxed.

This doesn't mean that he's young compared to human values; He is, after all, in his thirties, and when mostly around normal humans his age will act as he thinks he is expected to, unless they give him reason to let his guard down.}
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