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Gin at work appears exactly the same as a canon Gin, in his black trenchcoat and fedora, and likely a dark coloured sweater.  Even to the evil look on his face.  Once he's 'off duty' so to speak, that's all thrown out of the window - he's more likely to be seen with his hair down, dressed in light pastel colours such as light greens or blues or earthy colours such as brown or beige.  His hair is early always let to fall straight down, unless he's at work in a garden, in which case it will be tied up into a ponytail.  If either caught off guard - relaxed, surprised, scared, tense - or if he's familiar and at ease in your company, then you might find him with his fox ears, and maybe tail also, showing.  They are both white with black tips, as shown in the icons.  His general demeanour off duty is laid back and easy-going.  His eyes also don't show quite so obviously the 'killer's gaze', since he is by nature a predator, and he prefers to keep work and home life separate.


His work takes him anywhere from Beika to anywhere in Japan, and it's even been known to have taken him outside of Japan, as well.

His home when not detained or kept at the Organisation's facilities, is an apartment he pays rent for.  It resides in Setagaya-ku, one of Tokyo's special wards.  It is rather close to - just around the block from - one of the local parks, although he does live in one of the higher floors.

The apartment itself is spacious, yet filled with greenery.  It has a balcony that looks down onto the nearby park.

Enhanced Senses:

As a kitsune, he has naturally enhanced hearing and smell, as well as vision to a lesser extent.  His strength is greater than the average human of his size and weight.  If he stretches it, he has a certain grace to his movements, but he tries not to let this show, as it could possibly lead to unwanted questions.

Kitsune Magic

The one 'power' that he has always had is the ability to shapeshift into the form of an albino fox.  In almost every way, this form looks like a normal wild fox - apart from the eyes, which are the same shade of green as Gin/Akio's own.  So far, at merely 35, he only has one tail both in this form and in his half-human 'Youkai' form, which is one that doesn't look much different from when he merely has his ears and tail out.  The scar he gained from Akai shooting at him still remains in this form, but unless one knows what to look for, it's barely visible under the fur.

His real strength is in plant magic.  He can cause plants - flowers, trees, anything green - to grow and  shape itself the way that he desires.  He can also tell exactly what is in anything that uses herbs or plants, be it lotions, potions, perfumes and other such things.  This is very useful when creating and detecting poisons, as well as figuring out where a thing may have come from.  He can also 'communicate' with the plant life to a certain extent.  He can't hold lengthy conversations, but really, what would plants normally talk about?

He can also cause wood that had been turned into things like furniture and statues to grow again, however this costs him more energy.   The same goes for natural fibres, such as cotton.

Kitsune fire (kitsune-bi) translates, in his case, to a sort of light ball that looks like it's made up of the sun's light.  He doesn't use it much, if at all.

Illusions are still a major part of his repertoire of tricks.  He can cause the world around him to appear different, cause himself to appear different, but generally these are mere optical illusions that must have physical help if they would have physical proofs.  For instance, in his world, the 'death' of Akai was an illusion... but at least a part of the explosion was real, or else Shuuichi would not have appeared hurt at all from the incident.  

Other, older kitsune are capable of stronger magic and likely a wider set of abilities, but since he neither works on it as a main occupation (apart from his plant affinity), nor is old enough to have gained any further tails, he hasn't yet reached the point of being able to use more advanced illusions and/or magics.

Other types of Japanese spirit magic can be used, but he generally doesn't bother with them unless he needs to.  If there is a problem with spirits, then he will go to a shrine and have those more qualified deal with the problem.  If it's something more simple, he is likely to do it himself, such as if he was inclined to make an omamori.

He prays to Inari, patron deity of kitsune and foxes.


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