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  • Plant life, anything.  He's childish, a geek and a right dork when it comes to greenery of any kind.
  • Classical music.  He prefers it over the other genres.  Depends on his mood for which kind/composer, though.
  • Being active.  Particularly, being able to let loose and just move how his body wants him to be able to.
  • Taking on his Fox form.  It's fun, and he doesn't have anyone expecting things of him while he's like that.
  • Not having to kill people.   
  • Inari sushi, Kitsune udon... and he will eat meat.  Just because he likes plants doesn't make him a vegetarian.
  • Miyano Shiho/Haibara Ai.  Yes, really.
  • His family.
  • Watching sunrises.
  • Tea.  Chamidori/Green, Chai, Chamomile... anything really.
  • Playing like he's half his age when no one's looking.
  • Tricking people.
  • The idea of getting rid of the Organisation/Justice for his friend.
  • The Black Organisation
  • Having to kill people who are basically innocents.
  • Feeling as though - and being - watched by the Black Organisation all the time.
  • Feeling restricted in his movements.
  • People finding out about his true nature.
  • Being sick.
  • Having his best friend be dead.
  • Being seen as the bad guy.
  • People not bothering to try understanding him/his point of view before making judgements.
  • People thinking he's a girl because of his long hair.
  • Fire.
  • Fire
  • His family being targeted or used due to his connection to the Organisation
  • The Organisation finding out that he was never loyal
  • Losing himself to the mask he puts up for his 'job'
  • Shiho/Ai never giving him a second chance


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